Mr Mono

freaking out about the whole artificial intelligence thing. if my experience with Pandora has taught me anything, Advanced algorithms need a problem to solve. If we keep the super computers busy we’ll be okay

The groundhog that lives under my studio just charged me. Of course you know this means war.

Finished a Orson Scott Card book and now I find out he’s a monstrously homophobic and racist nut job.

Fuck that gun instructor and fuck that girls cracker parents. Have fun paying for therapy.

I want to be Slenderman for Halloween but I’m too fat.

Mynd you, møøse bytes Kan be pretti nasti… I just figured out how to do umlauts on my iPad.

If you have a mismanaged trillion dollar war, make sure the guy you leave in charge is sane. #Maliki #monday #iraq #firstworldproblems


Facebook is evil but Narcisstagram…

Facebook is evil but Narcisstagram…

My kid is obsessed with a song from my teens.